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Guitar Collection Purrsonel and their responsibilities ...  But first a little fun with the Kitties Choice Guitar ...

Shown is the purrfurred guitar style of the KC.  Roughly speaking, a Gibson SG made as a semi-hollow (smaller than a 335).  The Ibanez AM73 has slightly more KC like "ears" (not necessarily a Guitar Tech term!) ...   Hear the songs that I wrote for each member of the team.  This one is for all of our furry friends ... and family ...
The Cool ... Carmellowcat (Security)
The Calm ... Blacky, (Spiritual Advisor)
Team Member  Kid E. Cat, aka  "Carmellowcat", is the newest member and has the toughest job.   But he's the youngest and has the most energy to burn.  So security is an appropriate role for Carmellowcat.  Also, he's brave and is not afraid of confrontation.  But I've learned he doesn't like people to use their feet to herd him.  Needless to say, ehem, we have an "understanding."  I don't use my feet to nudge him away from the door, in return, he doesn't claw at my  feet/ankles.  Learn more about Carmellowcat at .  Listen to my song about Carmellow:
(I'm sorry to say that Blackycat has passed on to Kitty Cat Heaven.  But I will leave his bio here as his spirit is still with us--and that was, after all, his role.)
Team Member Blackycat is our spiritual leader.  He reminds us to focus on the task at hand and maintain a level temperament.  Obviously, he does this by example as he is OFTEN found in deeeeep concentration as shown in the photo.  He does not bother other cats (be it feline or jazz type!) and by the same token does not tolerate a lot of attention himself.  If we try to get too cuddled he has to escape to a quiet place to think.  Blacky is the most senior cat and in fact, is retired and works as a consultant.  He disagrees staunchly with those who say that seniors require less sleep.  Learn more about Blackycat at .  Listen to my song for Blacky ...
 The Curator ... Buddicat

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Team Member Buddicat is the Collection Curator.  Her job is to make sure the Boy cats (Carmellow and Blacky) don't become too possessive about their guitars and try to leave their "signature" on them.  She is very good at this, although she has been forced to completely prohibit Carmellow from the Guitar Chamber, as he is a young cat and his oats tend towards being generous rather than being stingy.   Buddicat keeps a close eye on who comes and goes as shown in the image below.   Buddicat has many years of experience overseeing her territory.  She required years of probation before letting the mild mannered Blackycat inside the Guitar Chamber (thats' the house!).  Learn more about Buddicat at  ... and listen to this song for Buddicat ...

Blues For Buddicat (Jeffurrycat, 3mb)




This is the Guitar Mechanic and Groundskeeper, Jeffreecat.  He is the outcast of the group, since he has almost no fur.  And whats with those strange ears, neither sharply pointed or on top,  almost human like.  Maybe thats why Jeffreecat has been elected to serve as chef (i.e., Cheif Can-Opener) for the team.  Jeffreecat tries very hard to belong and just be "one of the cats" but he seems to be left out of some of the games that require precision paw control as well as night vision.
Switching to first person for this more serious stuff:
As a musician, I enjoy playing/singing many types of music--Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock, Folk, Country.  Go here (Download Songs) to listen to some of my recordings.  These are home studio recordings done with fairly inexpensive equipment and computer software.  I generally use digitally generated percussion.  Some songs also have digitally generated bass and a few have piano, cello, accordion.  The Harmonica is always live playing by me (check Fannie Mae, Unchain My Heart, "Folsom Prison Blues (w-harp)"  I try to give my songs some originality by learning them without listening to the originals extensively, i.e., do not try to mimic every thing about it.  I just find the chords and lyrics and run with that ('cept for maybe a handful of songs that I've learned the guitar parts to).
Heres' a brief bio:   Born San Mateo, CA ... Raised nearby in South San Francisco a poor Italian boy who is also part Greek, Hispanic, German, English, Irish.  But alas, nobody wanted me because I wasn't "pure" enough (or because I knew too much of my geneology).  Therefore, I was adopted by the Unknown Breed Kitty Cat Association.  Nevertheless, my Italian roots are on record at Ellis Island (1900).  Last name is a modified Greek name.  Great Grandmother was an Higuera born to the San Luis Obispo family after whom the main street there was named.  Higueras were native Californians well before statehood (1848 ... makes me an 8th generation Californian).  After high school served in Air Force for 4 years after which I went back to school and earned an A.S. in Engineering .  Same Birthyear as the San Francisco Giants.
Contact me at