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Noise in the Key of Moi
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These are recordings of Jeff Chames.  All music is played, performed, or electronically generated by Jeff Chames.  All guitar and vocals is Mr Chames.  Most of the songs are created using either Cakewalk Sonic something or other or my current recording program Mixcraft (by Acoustica) 

These songs are for private use only and not to be distributed for profit. 

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (1.8mb)

As The Years Go Passing By (1.7mb).

Baby, You've Got What It Takes (2.1mb)

Gypsy In My Soul, 3.7mb

Blvd. of Broken Dreams (2mb,mp3)

Buona Sera (1.1 mb)

Cab Driver (2.9mb)

Daydream (2.1mb)

Dream Lover (2.0mb)

Folsom Prison Blues--acoustic (2.6mb)

Green Eyed Lady (1.1mb)

I Believe To My Soul (1.1mb)

I Live Only For You (0.8mb)

Irresistable You (1.8mb)

Jealous Guy (2.4mb)

Lonely Teardrops (2.8mb)

The Old Side Of Town (Tom T. Hall, 2.3mb)

Route_66, 1.7mb

Shake, Rattle and Roll (2.4mb)

Smoke On The Water (1.8mb)

Statesboro Blues (2.2mb)

Sway (2mb)

The Thrill Is Gone (3.1mb)

Trouble In Mind (2.2mb)

The Wind Cries Mary (2.5mb)

They Call Me The Breeze (1.7mb)

Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain (2.9mb)

Rainy Night In Georgia

The Last Leaf, by O'Henry (read by Jeff)

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Unchain My Heart, 2.6mb (with hint of a jazz chorus)

Let The Good Times Roll (the 40's swingin' blues, not the 50's Shirelles tune), 2.5mb

Lonesome Road (a Swingin' Spritual), 2.3mb

In A Mellow Tone, 4mb

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, 3.9mb

I Concentrate On You (3.0mb)

Moonglow (2.2mb)

Everyday I have the Blues, 2.6mb

Mack The Knife (from an ancient jazz opera I guess ... sung by the great opera star, Bobby Darin :-))

Three Days (2.9mb)

Black Magic Woman (2.9mb)

The Story (Carlile)

Folsom Prison Blues (w-harp) J.Cash,2.6mb

Love And Emotion (Willie Deville)

Hey BaBa ReBop (Lionel Hampton 2.5mb)

Brandy (Elliott Lurie, 2.9mb)

Beautiful Things (2.2mb)

Please Come Home For Christmas (2.6mb)

Stray Cat -- Hit The Road Jack (2.8mb)

Key To The Highway (Broonzy/Segar,1.9mb)

Dust My Broom (2.5mb, R.Johnson)

Feels Like Rain (John Hiatt, 4.1mb)

Rexroth's Daughter (Joan Baez, 5mb)

Run (an Amy MacDonald tune, 3.7mb)

Ride Captain Ride (Mike Pinera, 3.2mb)


Hound Dog Lyrics (jpg)


Stormy Monday, 2mb (no guitar interlude, but better rhythm)

Stormy Monday 2009b

Don't Change On Me (Ray Charles, 3.7mb)

EO Eleven (Sammy Davis Jr, 3.7mb)

Everyday I Have The Blues (B.B. King, 3.2mb)

Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats, 3.3mb)

Blackwater (3mb mp3)

Up On The Roof (2.6mb, mp3) 3 Apr 08

Brown Eyed Girl (3.2mb, mp3)

My Little Grass Shack (2.5mb mp3)

 Songs honoring our Furry Friends 

Furry Pride And Joy (Based on Stevie Ray Vaughan tune,1mb)

Blues for B.C. (3mb)

Black Magic Kitty (ME and C. Santana, 2.9mb)